Collection: Quartz Edition

The creation of this collection began with my love for quartz and my discovery of the different powers varying by stone type. The variety and color of quartz is just like us, unique and beautiful. 

Crystals possess positive energies that, when held close, refine the aura of the wearer. They offer tranquility and transfer their qualities. The Quartz edition is rooted in the joy of working with crystals and my belief in their many positive facets. It is this special energy that I channel into the creation of my jewelry line. When wearing these accessories, I hope you too will benefit from the many strengths of these stones. 

In times long gone, the ancient Greeks believed quartz to be eternal ice, forever encased in their sharp beauty. With this inspiration, the Quartz edition roots its spirit in the winter, a combination between the long nights and the frost that encases the natural world. That same permanence I wish upon your purchase with this jewelry, as these accessories in their quality, are made to last a lifetime.

You too can experience the energy I felt creating such a varied collection, ranging from the elegant to the playful and modern.