Crystal Quartz: Energy, Healing, Clarity

Crystal Quartz, characterized by its translucent beauty, is believed to help recover energy and encourage healing. Benefitting from its purity, many have faith in its ability to enhance the clarity of your mind. It protects its owner from negative energy.

Rose Quartz: Love, Growth, Inspiration

Rose Quartz is widely considered to be a stone of love. Its rosy pink look is quick to bring forth images of romance and passion. Rose Quartz is often considered to be a muse for growth and inspiration.

Amethyst: Peace, Wisdom, Thought

Amethyst, with its elegant, purple appearance, is a stone commonly associated with wisdom and intellectual thought. One can easily meditate upon its deep hues and find peace within it.

Onyx: Strength, Self-Control, Concentration

Onyx, as black as the night, is believed to increase strength, self-control and concentration. Its uniform and beautiful appearance is especially striking. 

Hematite: Focus, Optimism, Trust

Hematite, also known as the blood-stone, encourages stability and a supremely grounding energy, beneficial for individuals looking for added support. Its energy can be purified and charged through the presence of amethysts.